Accommodation at Hotel Kasnäs

Spend a night in the beautiful archipelago.


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Bjärkas Golf & Country Club - Asunto kahdelle

Asunto kahdelle.



Bjärkas Golf & Country Club - Deluxe asunto kahdelle

Deluxe asunto kahdelle jossa oma veranta ja piha. Asunnossa keittiö, suihku,WC,TV sekä nopea WLAN.



Bjärkas Golf & Country Club - Superior asunto neljälle

Asunto neljälle.



Room Gere

Book an overnight stay Viking style in Rosala this autumn holiday! Gere has two bunk beds, and is well suited also for families

From €82.00


Chieftain's Room Björn

Stay over night in the Chieftain’s bedroom Björn! The room has two beds that are both replicas of a find from the Viking Age

From €82.00


Sebbholmen small cottage

Sebbholmen EcoCamp, an enchanted wood by the sea! Stay over night in small cottage on Rosala island, and fall asleep to the sound of the wind and the waves

From €110.00


Skytent Ecocamp Högsåra

Tentsile Experience Camp Högsåra is located in Sandvik's sheltered and pristine sand beach, which is part of the Archipelago Sea National Park on the idyllic island of...

From €140.00

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Skytent Ecocamp Kasnäs

Tentsile Experience Camp Kasnäs is a sailing, outdoor and archipelago hub, where you can make day trips to Archipelago NP.

From €110.00

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Skytent Ecocamp Rosala

Environmental responsible experience in the outer Archipelago, Rosala island

From €110.00

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Skytent Ecocamp Taalintehdas

Tentsile Experience Camp Taalintehdas is located in the pristine taiga forest by the lake.

From €100.00

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Bed in Chieftain's Hall

Visit Rosala, stay over night in a dorm Viking style! The hall's alcoves are separated by fabrics, and fit one person each

From €47.00