Taalintehtaan ruukkikylä

Taalintehdas on historiallinen ruukkikylä luonnon keskellä. Taalintehtaasta on tullut matkailijoiden suosima käyntikohde, sillä viehättävät puutalot, hieno...


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Cruise to the Örön fortress island

The Örö fortress island has been a closed military area for a hundred years. It showcases the history of Finland's coastal defence, from the days of Tsarist Russia until the present...


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Birch bark collecting workshop

Have a nice and easy walk in Finnish forest, learn about birch bark, collect some and make a small birch bark object.



Birch bark weaving workshop

Learn all about birch bark and weave a simple traditional birch bark basket.



Birch sap workshop

Have a nice and easy walk in Finnish forest while birch sap drips into your bottle.



Bjärkas Golf - Greenfee viikonloppu (18r)

1 x greenfee viikonloppuna (la-su)



Bjärkas Golf - Päivägreenfee arki

Kokopäivägreenfee (ma-pe)



Bjärkas Golf - Päivägreenfee viikonloppu

Päivägreenfee (la-su)



Eider safari to Bengtskär lighthouse 11.5.2019

Wonderful day trip to the tallest lighthouse of Nordic countries with hundreds of nesting eider ducks.



Spaday mon-sun

Includes entrance to the spa & gym and lunchbuffet or pizza.




Pyöräkärryllä lapset tai tavarat kulkevat helposti pyörän mukana

From €15.00


Viking dinner

Enjoy a Viking style dinner in the Chieftain’s hall Rodeborg in Rosala!

From €34.00


Rosala Viking Centre

Welcome to the world of the Vikings! The entrance fee includes a guide map to the Viking Village and a short introduction

From €0.00


Archipelago Sights Route

A day cruise for the whole family will take you from Kasnäs through the picturesque archipelago to the Rosala Viking Centre and to the tallest lighthouse in the Nordic countries, Bengtskär

From €67.00


Lunch buffet mon-sun

Lunch buffet, with salads, vegetables, local fresh fish and two main courses. Price 18 €/person includes water, milk, bread and coffee. On the weekends dessert is also included. Lunch...



Söderlångvikin kartano

Söderlångvikin kartanossa keskitytään taiteeseen, kulttuuriin ja kokonaisvaltaiseen hyvinvointiin.


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Bike rent

Cycling is probably the best way to experience the Kimito Islands (among kayaking). Rent a bike from NaturEffect to explore the magnificent Coastal Route. NaturEffect also provides guided cycling...

From €25.00


Guided wildlife excursions in Örö fortress island

Experience the most interesting and biodiverse destination of Finnish nature combined with amazing cultural history

From €250.00