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Dalsbruk is a historical ironworks village in the middle of nature. It has become a popular place to visit due to its lovely wooden architecture, modern guest harbour, hotel, restaurants and other services.

Dalsbruk is surrounded by the sea, lakes and forests. Once in the village, you should take yourself to one of the marked paths. The paths in the nature take you to deep forests, beautiful lakes and old pine trees: if you climb up to Senatsberget, you will get a stunning view over the Archipelago Sea. There is also a more urban option in the village, Dalsbruk Village Walk, which leads you to the past and present of this unique ironworks village.

Dalsbruk is a host for plenty of events. The biggest ones are Baltic Jazz, festival Norpas, September Open and Christmas markets. Dalsbruk Market Square  is open on Wednesdays between 9-13 around the years. In the summertime there are plenty of sellers and hudreds of customers at the Market Square. It is easy to meet locals!